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Can Smartwatch with eSim work without the phone?

How does a smart watch with an eSim card work independently without the phone?

In fact, before use, the user still needs to pair the watch with the phone. After the pairing is successful, the watch can support the cellular network and share a number with the phone. Then, the watch can “leave” the phone. If you are out for running, swimming, or fitness, even if your mobile phone is kept at home or in a gym locker, the smart watch on your hand can call, send text messages, send WeChat, listen to music, scan Weibo, use various apps, etc. . In the past, it was done after pairing with the mobile phone through Bluetooth and WIFI. Nowadays, the mobile phone can obtain a series of content through the cellular network.

The reporter found in the experience that just pair the watch with the phone successfully, and after a certain distance from the phone, you can see the signal grid of the cellular network on the watch. At this time, you can directly click on the WeChat, Weibo, etc. on the watch. Receiving and replying; as for when a call comes in, the watch will vibrate to remind the user, just tap the watch or use the Bluetooth headset to make a call. However, because it supports cellular networks, the battery life of smart watches is also a major test.

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