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Future of Personal Health

In the future, personal health will be recorded and monitored in a continuous manner like smart watch devices. According to Lothar Wilmizer, academician of the European Academy of Humanities and Natural Sciences, these data will be collected and transferred to a central database. Patient-centered solutions replace single products and become the next-generation enterprise competition point; from doctor-led to empowering patients, it constantly breaks the constraints of space and time and presents new features such as digital, intelligent, and personalized health services. China’s medical market has become the world’s second largest market, and the industrial structure is constantly innovating and reshaping. It is imperative to build a growth ecosystem.

For patients, the ultimate appeal does not lie in innovative products, but in solutions that can cure diseases. Therefore, in the future, medical companies must have a kind of thinking, to provide doctors and patients with an advanced technology or solution to gain gains, and to continuously optimize and iteratively innovate products, which is also a part of building barriers to competition .

In the future, the competition between enterprises will not only be competition between products, but also a series of comprehensive capabilities such as the integration of the industrial chain and the series of solutions. The application of innovative concepts and digital tools to establish a “patient-centered” health service system is the end of the medical and health industry under the digital trend.

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