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How smart watch call from eSIM card?

What is eSIM?

eSIM, namely Embedded-SIM, embedded SIM (card). The eSIM card refers to the direct embedding of the traditional SIM card on the chip of the mobile phone, tablet, and wearable device, instead of being added to the device as an independent removable component.

At present, the three major china operators announced the “One Number Dual Terminal” business model for eSIM: Under the existing main phone number account and package, add an eSIM accessory smart device (currently mainly a smart watch) to share the phone When the main number is calling, the two terminals will display the incoming call at the same time, and any terminal can make outgoing calls. The only restriction is that the main and attached terminals cannot call each other. The smart device will share resources such as the mobile phone number package and data package with the mobile phone.

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