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Mi Band 6 continues to report success! The cumulative global shipments exceeded 3 million

Behind the big sales of Mi Band 6 is closely related to its rich functions. Mi Band 6 uses a 1.56-inch full-screen running track, with a PPI (pixel density) of up to 326, which can be called a retina-level screen; equipped with Xiaoai classmates, it can recognize 100+ intelligent voice scenes, offline payment, remote camera, and music control are even more important. There are more than 30 professional sports modes, 50 meters waterproof, users can enter the water without worry; built-in 24h heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen detection, long battery life mode can be used for up to 19 days.

Mi Band 6

Not only the wristbands are selling hot, Xiaomi’s preferential activities are only available for one hour. The full platform sales of the mobile power category exceeded 100,000 units, the Xiaoai speakers exceeded 30,000 units, the router category exceeded 30,000 units, the smart door lock category exceeded 30,000 units, and smart travel Good news such as the category breaking through 10,000 units have been heard frequently. In addition, Xiaomi’s full platform payment amount exceeded 1.5 billion, and it only took 49 minutes and 55 seconds.

Mi Band 6

The Mi Band 6 keeps up with the full screen, using a screen of the opposite sex, the screen is as fine as before, and the maximum brightness during the day is good. The night mode of the Mi Band can be turned on regularly, so you can safely turn on the maximum brightness during the day. The frame of the Mi Band 6 looks very wide. Some people regard it as the “no quality” feature of the Mi Band. However, in fact, the width of the screen border of the Mi Band 6 is the same as the Honor Band 6 and Huawei watch fit, even The size of the chin is the same. So why does the frame of the Mi Band look so wide? In fact, this is because the Xiaomi Mi Band has not widened the screen like the Honor Band 6 to be similar to the watch, and the upper and lower curvature is large, and the bottom of the screen is different from the frame curvature, which increases the visual width of the chin.

Mi Band 6

The sports function is also greatly improved. It supports 30 sports modes, 19 more than the Mi Band 5, including dance, Zumba, cricket, basketball and taekwondo.

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