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New Oppotunities from COVID-19

The epidemic has caused more alienation of mankind and the rise of the housing economy-Ecommerce Business.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the latest report on September 8, 2020, stating that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused the disruption of school education, which may reduce global economic output by 1.5% in the next 80 years. In the United States, it represents 15.3 trillion. The economic loss of the dollar. If the education interruption is extended to the next school year, the amount of loss will be even more substantial.

The report pointed out that the loss of learning will lead to the loss of skills. The possession of skills is related to productivity. Although classes with more resources can find alternative learning opportunities during school closures, disadvantaged groups also lose their learning opportunities when schools are closed. Governments around the world have closed schools in the face of the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus. The OECD stated that the epidemic has affected the school education of 35 OECD member countries. Most students have missed at least 10 weeks of face-to-face courses, which is equivalent to one-third of a year’s school education. At the same time, the epidemic has caused a rapid contraction of the global economy, and has also increased the risk of shrinking education budgets. The government allocates public funds to health and social welfare, eroding education funding. In addition, due to the weak economy and the soaring unemployment rate, private funds will also become scarcer, which is detrimental to the development of education.

Governments around the world have adopted anti-epidemic measures, working at home, attending classes, and social distancing, avoiding unnecessary physical contact, reducing the risk of infection, and increasing the temperature of human interaction. Therefore, the government needs to think about new forms of governance models, and enterprises must also adjust their business models, which will accelerate the pace of digitalization, automation, and integration of virtual and real. Just like Taiwan’s upcoming establishment of the Ministry of Digital Development and the government’s successive promotion and relief plans, it is advisable to promote the full digitalization of enterprises, from management, production to service.

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