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Deerma water spray mop TB500

  • With the slightly wet cleaning tech, spay water when mopping and the floor
  • 95cm long distance spray is achieved by adjusting the mop pole
  • Just weigh 0.75kg, amount to 3 apples, you can lift it easily
  • 350ml water tank, water once and finish a 100 square meters cleaning
  • Carbon fiber dust-lock cloth, catches the tiny dust and cleans the gap thoroughly

Deerma water spray mop TB500 Deerma water spray mop TB500 Deerma water spray mop TB500 Deerma water spray mop TB500 Deerma water spray mop TB500 Deerma water spray mop TB500


Deerma Labor-Saving Lightweight Water Spray Mop White, TB500


● Fast Drying Floor
With the Water Spray Mop, you don’t need to wait for a long time before the floor dries up, a slightly-wet slightly damp and quick moist.
 2ML Water Slightly Damp
water spray mop offers the right amount of dampness which instantly dries up after the mop is dragged away.
 95cm Wide Spraying Area
The mop’s rod can be adjusted so that the press spray area can reach 95 cm. Coming with a wide cleaning surface, it forms a fan-shaped uniform spray-area which helps to save time.
 Only 750g Light in Weight
It weighs only 0.75 kg hence it can be easily lifted. You can use it to clean the whole house without getting fatigued.
 0.35L Water Tank, Once Load for 100㎡ Area, Nailed it!
 Carbon Microfiber Mop Cloth
Eliminates Dirt Layer, Water Absorption Layer, Adhesive Bonding Layer,
Perfect mop to eliminates even the most stubborn dirt, oil stain, pigment in hard-to-reach corners of your home easily and quickly.
 360 Degree Mop can Turn around, Deals with Most Situation Chair / Sofa / Wall / Sofa / Bed / Ceiling Corners
 1.2m Mop Rod, Wall and Ceiling Cleaning.
ABS Handle with Good Grip Feeling, Steel Hand Wearable Tough and Durable, Easy to load the water tank.


Brand Name:  Deerma
Features: Ride On
State of Assembly:Ready-to-Go
Max Speed:Water spray mop
Gyro:360 degree rotating
Model Number:Xiaomi Deerma water spray mop
Color: White
Shell Material: ABS
Mop Material: Microfiber
The Rod Material: Steel
Tank Capacity: 350ML
Rotation Angle: 360º
Max Length: 120cm
Weight: 1Kg
Size: 4.72× 3.74  × 25.9In

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