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Dreame V11 wireless vacuum cleaner (White) EU

  • 12-Cone Cyclone Separation.
  • Dreame SPACE 4.0 High-speed Motor.
  • HD Full Color Screen, all-in-one Simplified Operation.
  • 25000Pa Vacuum Suction, 150AW Suction power.
  • 90mins Ultra-long battery time, 7-stage noise reduction.

Dreame V11 wireless vacuum cleaner (White) EU Dreame V11 wireless vacuum cleaner (White) EU Dreame V11 wireless vacuum cleaner (White) EU Dreame V11 wireless vacuum cleaner (White) EU

Dreame V11 – Cordless vacuum cleaner with battery and OLED display, with 25000 Pa, powerful suction force, 3000 mAh life up to 90 minutes, low noise

About this item


  • Space3.0 Technology: Space3.0 brushless high-speed digital motor that provides a flash pulse in 0.3 seconds. A suction power of 150 AW, an engine of up to 100,000 rpm and a wind pressure of 25,000 PA provide good suction power and provide trouble-free performance.
  • Complete 5-level filtration system: absorbs 99.99% of fine particles efficiently at 99.99% of 0.3 microns and releases fresh air and creates a safe and comfortable environment. Wash the filter accessory regularly for best results. No cable required and easy to install. Fits into any living room, office, bedroom, or vehicle with a wide variety of accessories. It can be put into one.
  • 3000 mAh Samsung Battery: Samsung lithium battery. Proper balance between weight and energy. Up to 90 minutes of operating time in economy mode. In standard mode, another 30 minutes are available to vacuum. Max mode offers 10 minute suction power for tough cleaning jobs.
  • Ergonomic interior structure: the center of gravity is directed towards the rear, the grip has been improved. The main body weighs only 5 kg and the internal structure of the main component has been optimized. It is lighter and smarter when pressing, pulling, carrying and lifting. A quiet operation of 68 dB (A), supports a brushless motor. No more annoying noises that are good for your baby and your pet.
  • High Torque Power Brush: the versatile vacuum cleaner is equipped with an electric roller brush with a separate motor. Cleans all types of dirt such as particles, dust, hair, bristles and dirt particles. It can also prevent hair from getting stuck, to achieve extremely deep cleaning performance.


Technical specifications :

Brand: Xiaomi Dreame

Model: V11

Surfaces: All types of surfaces (alfombras, wood, ceramics, marble, tiles, textiles, etc.)

Material: ABS


Model: Dreame Space 4.0

Maximum RPM: 125000 RPM / min

Nominal power: 450 W

Nominal voltage: 25.2 V

Presión del viento: 25000 Pa

Suction power: 150 aW

Technical parameters

Octopus deposit capacity: 0.5 L

Noise: 72 dB

Cyclonic technology: 12 conos

Filtrate system: 5 steps


Capacity: 3000 mAh

Type: Li-Ion

Time of autonomy: up to 90 minutes

Charge time: 4 hours

Voltage: 110 ~ 240 V

Weight and colour

Weight: 1.6 kg

Colour: Gray and red

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