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Mi Air Purifier 3H EU


– 380 m³/h PM CADR
– Delivers 6330 liters of purified air per minute*
– True HEPA filter Effectively filters particles as small as 0.3 microns
– High-precision laser PM sensor
– OLED touch screen display Clean air at your fingertips
– A4 paper sized footprint
– Compact, quiet, non-intrusive

Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Mi Air Purifier 3H EU Mi Air Purifier 3H EU

Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi Purifier 3H White


Cleaner air is easier now

The new Xiaomi model has an air purification capacity of 380m3/h. And it has a three-level filtering structure. The most extreme filter surface is for large particles, such as hair and dust.

The media filter is a HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air), an improved filter from previous models, which mainly removes small particles such as PM2.5.

Finally, the inner filter is an activated carbon to remove formaldehyde and other harmful substances that cause bad smell in the environment. It’s spectacular!

Easy to use

This is one of the most interesting models you’ll find. And you’ll be able to use it in many ways, both with its touch screen control and with the ability to connect via a wi-fi network, which will allow you to use it with your mobile phone with its Mi Home application, available on Android and iOS.

You will be able to know the current indoor and outdoor environmental pollution index and all kinds of information on your mobile phone, as well as easily adjust it and control it in real time without any problem.

This app also makes it compatible with Google Home and Alexa, so you can also control it by voice without any problem. If you’re looking for a way to have cleaner air in your home, now you can with the new Xiaomi Mi Purifier 3H.

Technical Specifications:

P / N: FJY4031GL

EAN: 6934177710612

Brand: Xiaomi

Model: Mi Purifier 3H (AC-M10-SC)

Air purifier for home

Small screen for touch control

Three levels of filtering with HEPA filter

380 m3 / h air purifying capacity.

Effective area of use from 26 to 45 square meters

Maximum power: 38W


Air quality sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor

Mi Home application available on Android and iOS

Compatible with Google Home and Alexa

Maximum noise: 64 dB

Power supply:

Power consumption: 2W-38W

Input voltage: AC 100-240V

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

Dimensions and weight

Measurements: 24 x 24 x 52 cm (Width x Height x Depth)

Weight: 4.8 kg

White colour

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