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Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Global

About this item:
  • NTC smart temperature control with alternating hot and cold air
  • Prevents hair damage from excessive temperatures
  • Hot air, cold air and alternating hot/cold air
  • Premium thermostat and thermal fuse. Dual overheat protection mechanism
  • Easy styling. Lightweight design
  • Smooth UV coating. Dirt and scratch-resistant

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Global

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Global

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Global

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Global


Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

Rapid air flow, protects with water ions

360° rotating magnetic nozzle prevents burns

Neutralizes static electricity. Prevents dry, frizzy hair

Replenishes moisture. Smooth hair with no knots

Improves shine. For greater bounce and radiance

Separate water ion channel. Prevents loss of ions from heat and ensures effective delivery over longer distances

High air volume with smart temperature control. Dries rapidly while protecting hair

Product specifications:

Product dimensions: 160 x 77 x 215 mm (including nozzle)
Rated voltage: 220 V
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Rated power: 1800 W
Three temperature settings: Hot air, alternating hot/cold air, and cold air
Two speed settings: low and high
Net weight: 547 g (including nozzle)
Protective function: water ions
Power cable length: 1.7 m
Certification standards: GB 4706.1, GB 4706.15
GB 4343.1, GB 17625.1

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