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Mi Range Extender AC1200

  • High-speed WiFi throughout your home
  • Ensure optimal connection
  • Create your own hotspot
  • Easy setup with your phone

Mi WIFI RangeExtender Ac1200

Extend dual band Wifi throughout your homeReasons to get a range extenderMi Range Extender AC1200Reasons to get a range extender

Mi Range Extender AC1200High-speed Wifi throughout your home

Mi Wifi Range Extender lets you increase and improve your existing Wifi signal . The 2 . 5GHZ and 5GHZ dual bands reach acombined speed of up to 1200 Mbps , effectively eliminating Wifi dead zonesMi Range Extender AC1200Ensure optimal connectionMi Range Extender AC1200Create your own hotspotMi Range Extender AC1200Maintain a stable connectionMi Range Extender AC1200Easy setup with your phoneMi Range Extender AC1200

Hoylar is one of Top 5 distributors, involved in Xiaomi and Huawei Ecological Electronics Industry from 2016.
Hoylar offers one stop solution including payment, stock, and shipment, covering all countries in Asia Europe and America.
Hoylar Cooperation Parter Brands, includes Haylou, QCY, Amazift, Roborock, Dreame, Voimi, Ninebot, 70Mai.

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