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Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Selling Points

Adjustable 5-gear thermal insulation | Real-time temperature display | 1.5L large capacity | Triple safety protection design

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

An electric kettle with a screen

The new generation of Mijia thermostat electric kettle Pro, upgraded high-definition digital display, real-time display of water temperature, avoid scalding when drinking water; you can adjust the insulation temperature at will, allowing you to drink a favorite water.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Five kinds of heat preservation temperature

According to different brewing needs, one-key quick switching.
Probiotics can be washed at 40 ° C
Milk powder can be brewed at 50 ° C
70 “C can be washed baby rice noodles
White tea can be brewed at 80 ° C
Coffee can be brewed at 90 ° C
* The above temperature is for reference only, and can be adjusted on Mijia App according to personal needs.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Support App control

The temperature and duration of insulation can be set on the Mijia App. Each block temperature can be adjusted between 40-90 ° C. Power on for up to 12 hours. According to the usage habit, it can also open the memory insulation of the lifting pot and boil the automatic insulation.
* By default, the app does not open “pump pot memory insulation” and “boiling automatic insulation”. After the App starts “Lifting the pot to keep warm”, the kettle is in the heat preservation. After the pot is lifted, it is put back on the base and the kettle continues to keep warm.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Thyristor light-toned thermal insulation without disturbing

Add thyristor components, when the water temperature is lower than the insulation temperature, turn on a small power to increase the temperature, to achieve a light sound insulation effect. You won’t be awakened by sudden heating noise when you sleep.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Only 5 minutes from cold water to boiling water

Adopt 1800W high-power energy gathering heating ring to generate heat. When boiling water, the water is fully heated from bottom to top and heats up quickly. About 5 minutes to meet the hot water demand.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Intelligent water temperature mangement against repeated heating

For mineral water or water that does not need to be boiled for secondary heating, press the “insulation” button and heat to the set temperature to drink or keep warm without repeated boiling and heat preservation.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

British brand STRIX thermostat, longer service life

The British brand STRIX thermostat used by the Mijia Thermostat Electric Kettle Pro controls the temperature more precisely, ensures that the water is fully boiled, and the thermostat has a service life of up to 10 years *. * Experimental data is from STRIX INOVATIVE TECHNOL OGY laboratory; the data is measured on average under 2-3 times a day and nearly 1,000 times a year.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Large capacity, share with family

With a large capacity of 1.5L, it can satisfy many people to drink at one time without frequent water boiling.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white

Good liner, burn a pot of healthy water

Inner bladders, cover tops and other parts that are in contact with water are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food contact grade materials, and is not easy to rust, no odor, and easy to clean.

Double-layer design of the kettle body, good for heat insulation

The Mijia constant temperature electric kettle Pro adopts a double-layer design, with a hollow insulation layer between the stainless steel liner and the outer shell to isolate the high temperature in the pot and prevent the hands from being scalded after the water is boiled.

Triple power protection, safer and more assured

Mijia Thermostic Temperature Electric Kettle Pro has intimately designed triple power protection; firstly, the power is automatically cut off after the water is completely boiled; secondly, when the water shortage is detected, the power is automatically cut off; in addition, the well-designed power cable effectively prevents Electric shock and leakage.

Viomi Smart Kettle V-SK152A white
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