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Yunmai Colorful self starting wrist ball

• Multifunctional design can be used in office, gym or home,and also can be a good pressure reducer as well as a good toy and arm muscle exercising
• Smart gravity sensor can be used to feel the centrifugal force and to strengthen your limbs coordination or rehabilitation training
• Simple operation can be powered on quickly by rotating your wrist to make fast speed
• Compact size can be put in your bags to do outdoor activities

• High-quality zinc alloy and plastic materials, durable and non-toxic

Yunmai Colorful self starting wrist ball
New good product for stress relief, Challenge power and aesthetics
Good product for stress relief, Also a trendy product.
Wrist ball, A new generation of purely physical mechanical products necessary
for office decompression.No power supply,
Feel the power brought by the rotation of the sphere as the wrist rotates.Tookfun.
The cool colored lights follow the rotation speed of the sphere to make it more eye catching,
Power and aesthetics together make people intoxicated.
A colorful life, a companion who can carry around.
Effectively relieves sore wrists when tired.Tookfun
Exercise the muscles of your arms, and you can exercise regularly every day.
Play things in the palm of your hand to exercise your arms.
Long term use of the wrist ball will effectively exercise the muscles of the entire arm,
help and relieve muscle soreness and strain caused by long term use of the wrist and arm,
and can also help fitness enthusiasts to carry out targeted arm training for the arm .Tookfun
This product is only used to relieve pain and aid, and cannot replace drugs and treatments.
Get started easily and experience immediately.
Start the optimization by yourself, without the need for a traditional drawstring,
push the arrow to the end, let go and start easily.Tookfun
As the wrist rotates and feel the centrifugal force generated by the center of the ball,
you can keep the wrist ball running, and more ways to play are waiting for you to develop.
Optimized the clockwork.
The structure of the self inspired bar has been optimized to make the driving force smoother,
lower noise, and play more fun.
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