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Realme GT Master Exploration Edition Powerful Image, Shooting a Different Kind of Wonderful Life!

The first thing to look at is the value of beauty. As the latest flagship product of Realme, the Realme GT Master Discovery Edition is jointly operated by Realme and the internationally renowned industrial design master Naoto Fukasawa. Inspired by a suitcase, it brings travel The two colors of box-grey and apricot, the undulating texture, the plain texture and the low saturation color are unforgettable. From an aesthetic point of view, the Real Self GT Master Explorer Edition can do both men and women.

The second is to be able to take good photos, which places higher requirements on the camera configuration of a mobile phone. The True Self GT Master Discovery Edition is equipped with IMX766 sensor and has a 1/1.56 outsole. Compared with IMX586, the light input is increased by 63.8%, which plays a vital role in imaging. In addition, the outsole sensor also brings a higher dynamic range, and the picture can have better color performance. With DOL-HDR, omnidirectional focusing technology and OIS optical image stabilization, it can help you easily take the photos you want. Whether it is day or night.

Recently, many bloggers have posted photos of themselves using the GT Master Discovery Edition. These photos are not lacking in the breath of life, but they also have a strong artistic atmosphere. For people who don’t understand how to take pictures, it may be too difficult to take such a photo, but in fact, when you have the GT Master Discovery Edition, you only need to find the scenery you want to take, raise the phone and simply compose the picture and press the shutter button. You can get a picture that satisfies you.

In addition to the powerful hardware configuration, the GT Master Discovery Edition also brings a lot of interesting gameplay. For example, street photography, it can double-click the volume button to quickly start the camera, allowing you to capture the wonderful moments in front of you at the fastest speed. With DIS ultra-clear capture, fast zoom, fast focus, peak focus, etc., you can shoot fast enough . In addition, the built-in custom street shooting, light and shadow enhancement, and portrait drama three filter functions, you can shoot different styles of street photos, when you walk through a corner of the campus, use the street photography mode, you will find unexpected Surprise.

Finally, it depends on the performance of the mobile phone. The GT Master Discovery Edition is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor, which has good performance and can easily deal with all kinds of mobile games on the market.

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