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Smart Watch Import Data of Turkey

How to get import data of smart watch?


Smartwatches and smart home devices are most popular with females and affluents.

  • Smartwatch and smart wristband penetration saw a substantial uptick in Turkey in 2021. Smartwatch ownership rose from 15.2% of internet users to 21.6%, while penetration of smart wristbands rose 4 percentage points to 12.9%. Both devices were more common among females than males, but adoption—perhaps predictably—peaked among affluents.
  • In H1 2021, the share of internet users ages 16 to 64 owning a smart home product—such as a remote-controlled energy consumption monitor—had barely increased at 16.5%. As in prior years, females were more likely than males to own a smart home product, but that gap had narrowed. Among affluent internet users, nearly 22% owned a smart home device this year.

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