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Smartwatches as IoT Edge Devices

Wake up in the morning, the curtains are slowly opened, and the coffee machine in the kitchen automatically starts brewing; when you go to the garage, the mobile phone map software has planned the travel route and projected it on the car screen… With the development of the Internet of Things technology, everything is connected. The concept of smart wearable devices is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the application scenarios of smart wearable devices in daily life are constantly expanding, becoming an important entrance and application terminal for people to integrate into smart life.

“In the past, the starting point of an automated process required the user to actively trigger it, but with the support of smart wearable devices and IoT technology, the user can complete it through’thoughts’.” Li Yan introduced, through sensing the user’s sleep and motion Through comprehensive analysis of, location, and time, smart watches, bracelets, etc. can accurately determine whether the user has gotten up, and then rely on the Internet of Things to issue instructions to a series of devices at home to achieve non-sense operation.

In addition to the optimization and innovation of user experience and functions, smart wearable devices are also constantly exploring new territories in product types. Not long ago, smart running shoes implanted with motion sensors and chips were officially on sale. In long-distance running, smart running shoes can perform more accurate distance and speed monitoring. It is reported that long-term use with smart watches or bracelets can provide users with more professional data and analysis reports such as cadence analysis, running posture, and athletic potential. It has greater application development in self-health management, athlete training and selection scenarios. space.

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