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What if smartphones became personal health assistants?

Cook said in an interview with the media in 2019 that he believes that in the future, looking back at Apple’s history, Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind should be health services.

Two reports, one is the actual progress, the other is the future expectations. However, it all shows one thing, medical and health services will become an important aspect of the future to focus on Apple’s trend and the evolution of iPhone products.

“Doctor Apple”
Apple’s medical and health attempts originated in 2016. A year ago, Apple released iWatch. Apple’s team wants to know how the large amount of health data they obtain from Apple mobile phone users can help users improve their medical health.

Apple COO Williams pointed out that the current major drawback of health care is “363”. For most of the year, users have nothing to do with doctors or the medical system, and only go to a doctor when a condition appears.

What Apple wants to do is to repair this crack. Apple hopes that through smart devices such as iPhone and iwatch, it can provide users with primary medical services and continuous health monitoring.

Apple chose to take over an employee health clinic near Apple’s headquarters. A test business that provides this service to its employees. In 2017, Apple hired Dr. Desai from Stanford University to take charge of this work.

The project code is “casper”, which means elves. In early 2021, the project launched an APP called Health Habit, which can provide services to Apple California employees. Through chat, users can contact doctors and health coaches to send their own blood pressure monitoring and weight. data.

This software will suggest and encourage users to do more fitness. It sounds like a very good service.

According to the data presented by Williams, 90% of people with high blood pressure who use this service have alleviated symptoms and even recovered to health.

However, the “Wall Street Journal” stated that some employees who participated in the project did not perform well. Half of Apple’s employees have not registered for the service. Regarding the effect of real data, some employees believe that it is not accurate.

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