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What is smart wearable technology?

Smart wearable devices are the general term for using wearable technology to intelligently design daily wear and develop wearable devices, such as watches, bracelets, glasses, clothing, etc. Wearable smart devices have many years of development history. Ideas and prototypes have appeared in the 1960s, while devices with wearable smart devices appeared in the 1970s and 1980s.


The purpose of smart wearable devices

The emergence of smart wear follows the development of computer technology, communication technology, and microelectronics technology. Its purpose is to explore new ways of interaction between people and technology, to provide everyone with exclusive and personalized services, and to achieve natural and continuous assistance and enhancement services for people. In fact, the essence of smart wear is the intelligence of the human body. extend.

The definition of smart wearable devices

Smart wearable devices, as the name suggests, are to make people’s daily wear smart. That is, using wearable technology to intelligently design daily wear and develop wearable smart devices. It can use the more mature information sensing equipment to connect to the Internet, so that people and things can communicate information anytime and anywhere.

Classification of smart wearable devices

According to the different angles of the station, it has two classification methods:

1. Classification in terms of product form: There are three types. Head-wearing style, including glasses and helmets; hand-wearing style, including bracelets, gloves, etc.; foot-wearing style, including shoes and socks; wearing style, including tops, underwear, pants, etc.

2. Categorize from the main function: it can be divided into three types. Life and health categories, including sports, smart bracelets, etc.; information consulting categories, such as smart watches and smart glasses, etc.; somatosensory control categories, including various somatosensory controllers, etc.

In the continuous development of various technologies, smart wearable devices are also constantly developing and gradually becoming mature. Smart wearable devices can give people a general understanding of their own situation, and can also realize convenient communication between people and things regardless of occasion and location, adding a lot of convenience to people’s lives.

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