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what’s Xiaomi MiOT Ecosystem

The Xiaomi ecological chain is a major decision made by Lei Jun in 2013: Xiaomi, which has a fairly stable start in the smartphone business, will incubate hardware companies that produce smart hardware through investment. This task was entrusted to Liu De, who was in the ID department at that time, and as the biggest promoter behind it, Lei Jun also started his own journey to the platform of the Xiaomi ecological chain.

The ecological chain is rising fiercely. Since 2014, Zimi’s power bank, Huami’s smart bracelet, Yeelight’s desk lamp, Roborock’s sweeping robot, Chuangmi’s smart plug, Zhimi’s air purifier, Qingmi’s patch panel, and No. 9 robot All of the balance bikes that have just been put on the market have aroused huge splashes, and the reputation of Xiaomi’s ecological chain of “good at making explosive products” has also officially started in the market.

What’s included?

The list of the first batch of ecological chain companies, Huami, Purple Rice, Green Rice, Green Rice, Zhimi, Chuangmi, Blue Rice, Yunmi, Wanmo Acoustics (1more), iHealth (under Jiu’an Medical), Ninebot (Ninebot)’s products also cover earphones, mobile power supplies, bracelets, sockets, blood pressure monitors, air purifiers, water purifiers, sports cameras, balance cars, batteries, bedside lamps, rice cookers, and so on.

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