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Which is the best smart watch in low price?

Let’s start with the cheapest: IMILAB KW66 OX 2021 smartwatch as a basic entry-level smart watch. This model costs about only 33 Euros, its battery can last about 30 days, in addition, it also has function to measure our heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep quality, receive notifications or track our training sessions of 13 sports mode.

Realme watch

Another very interesting model of this cheapest is Realme Watch. A 1.4-inch color screen smart watch, in addition to time, we can also see different data about our daily physical activity, weather and other related data. It has sensors to measure heart rate, sleep quality and blood oxygen saturation. Its 160 mAh battery can last for 7-9 days. When we walk, run, ride a bicycle or play tennis, it has 14 sports modes to follow us.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

The manufacturer of the next smartwatch we are going to tell you hardly needs to be introduced. It is a lite version of Xiaomi Mi Watch, a smart watch with a simple appearance but rich in features. This model includes integrated GPS, heart rate sensor, 11 different training modes, sleep monitor and many other features. On its 1.4-inch screen, we can view all the data it can collect from our physical activity, receive notifications, and, because of more than 120 subject areas, we can customize it to our liking. According to the manufacturer, its battery can last up to 9 days, and we can charge it from 100 to 2% in less than 0 hours.

Amazfit bip s

In the list of smart watches less than 50 euros, we once again got an Amazfit from the manufacturer. It is a beep model, a smart watch with a water resistance of up to 5 ATM (50 meters deep). It combines GPS to better monitor its 17 different sports modes. According to the manufacturer, in this case, the battery can last up to 40 days. We can see all the daily physical activity, heart rate and other data through the control application of the mobile phone. This model is available in a variety of colors, but yes, the only color that is less than 50 euros is black. The rest are in the following price range.

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