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Why wearable technology is the future?

In the future, wearable devices will replace mobile phones and become the main force of new consumer electronics products. In particular, the AR and VR technologies that the industry is paying more attention to have become independent of wearable device technology and become an important force that affects future development.

Schwab included a survey of 800 executive directors of companies conducted by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council in his new book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” to determine when these business leaders predict when these are enough to change the rules of the game. Technology will bring disruptive changes to public life. The survey report shows that glasses, head-mounted and eye-tracking devices will become more and more intelligent, and Google Glass is only the first successful attempt. In the future, human eyes and vision will also become a new medium for connecting to the Internet and digital devices.

Smart phones will be replaced in the future

Smart phones will gradually become simple communication tools in the next 5 years, and wearable devices are expected to replace smart phones to provide most of the functions. The relationship between consumers and wearable devices is getting closer. 67% of users will use wearable devices when exercising, and the proportions of users who use wearable devices when traveling, working, studying, and shopping have reached 55%, 49%, respectively. 48%. It is inferred from this that wearable devices will continue to develop and hopefully penetrate into other fields.

Why would anyone think that wearable devices will replace mobile phones? From the perspective of wearable device pioneer Google Glass, it does remove many functions from the mobile phone and presents it to users in a better way of voice interaction. On the surface, voice interaction is indeed more user-friendly, but it is also very costly.

Just like the current mobile Internet replacing desktop computers, wearable devices will replace mobile phones as the main force of new consumer electronic products in the future. Especially the AR and VR technologies that the industry is paying more attention to. This virtual reality and other technologies have been independent from wearable device technology and have become an important force affecting future development. However, this also requires network speed, storage technology, and batteries. Technology, and follow-up of supporting soft environment such as big data processing technology.

The current health sports wearable devices and smart watches are just the prelude to the coming era of wearable devices. Compared with the development of smartphones in the past ten years, the wearable device market will expand in a more diversified and influential manner. Wearable devices will replace the current existing mobile phones, watches, and medical devices such as blood sugar. Products such as instrument, house and car keys have penetrated deeply into all aspects of people’s lives

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