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Xbox Series X is officially on sale, supports fast wake-up function

The latest Xbox Series X/S handle customization function adds wave blue, koi red, and electro-optical yellow colors, and there is a new black ABXY button to choose from. The main body, back panel, cross key, shoulder key, trigger key, Joystick, ABXY key and three function keys.


Both Xbox consoles are equipped with specially customized AMD new Zen 2 processors and RDNA 2 architecture GPUs. With the strong support of Xbox’s fast architecture, these two new-generation Xbox consoles support fast wake-up function, faster loading speed and frame rate up to 120FPS, allowing players to fully enjoy every game moment. At the same time, with the help of hardware-accelerated DirectX ray tracing and variable rate shading and other innovative technologies, the new generation of Xbox consoles can bring players a more immersive and smart game world.


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Xbox Series X|S aims to provide players with a higher level of fidelity, speed and performance. Games running on Xbox Series X|S, whether from Microsoft’s 23 Xbox game studios, or other world’s top game developers and publishers, can bring players a new generation of graphics and experience.

With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, players can span multiple generations, play exciting games, and get comprehensive improvements in various aspects such as graphics and operability. Xbox Series X|S will bring a more stable frame rate, faster loading speed, and clearer and more realistic pictures to the game experience of players. In addition, players’ existing Xbox One controllers, steering wheels and joysticks can also be adapted to the new generation of Xbox consoles and games.


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